Sushant Kumar celebrates his 29th birthday with Badho Bahu team

One more year has been added to producer Sushant Kumar’s life on 24th September. The crew members of Hum Tum tele Films production team organized a surprise birthday celebration at the set of Badho Bahu. Right from ground workers to lead actors, everyone came forward to bless him on his big day.

Sushant Kumar expressed gratitude to his unit and efforts they have made. He showed exceptional gratification to spot boys, cameraman, make-up artist and other set coordinators for being there all the time. He believed that without them, it would have been impossible to make a show.

After successful two weeks of Badho Bahu in &TV, this is a double joy that has knocked Hum Tum Telefilms Production house. The show has been acclaimed by many viewers in past days. With different storyline and new faces Badho Bahu is grabbing quiet a good attention.

In upcoming episodes, we can find oversized Komal couldn’t find a bridegroom for herself. Will she get married or not is sneak peak suspense in Badho Bahu? Sushant Kumar, though being a newbie producer in television industry, is pretty skilled to quintain audiences’ attention.

We wish him healthy long life and successful career ahead.